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6 Key Steps to Successfully Launching and Running a Fitness Business

Updated: Mar 25

Starting your own fitness business is an exciting chapter as you empower people to transform their lives through health and fitness. But let's be real, the behind-the-scenes business operations might not quicken your pulse like a good workout does. Nevertheless, this part of the job, with its paperwork and legal details, is essential to keep your business pumping strong. Think of it like the core exercises of your company—it supports everything else. We’ll break it down into six simplified steps, so even if you're not a fan of the nitty-gritty business stuff, you can handle it like a pro:

  1. Choosing Your Business's Muscles: Will you go solo as a Sole Proprietor, or tag-team with an LLC? Sole Proprietorships are the jump-squats of business setups—quick and to the point. They give you all the control, but also all the responsibility for any debts. LLCs are more like a steady strength-training routine—they take more effort to set up, but they protect your personal assets and give your business some extra weight in credibility.

  2. Putting Your Name on the Gym Wall: Registering your business name makes it official. Whether you choose a slick, marketable DBA or stick with the basics, securing your name is like claiming your spot on the gym floor.

  3. Tax IDs—Your Business's Social Security Number: Just like you need an ID for a gym, your business needs one to operate. An EIN is your all-access pass to the business world, letting you hire, bank, and stay on the right side of tax laws.

  4. The Legal Gym Bag: You don’t need a business license to show folks how to lift, but being certified is like having the best gear—it gives you credibility and trust. And keep an eye on new rules like FinCEN, which is a bit like making sure you’re playing by your gym's rules to avoid a penalty.

  5. Opening a Business Bank Account—Your Fiscal Fitness Tracker: Just as you may separate your workout gear from your street clothes, keep your business cash separate from your personal funds. It keeps things clean and organized, and come tax season, it’s a real lifesaver.

  6. Keeping Your Business Fit: Keep your business in shape by renewing registrations and licenses on time, just like renewing your CPR certification. Set reminders so you don't miss the important stuff that keeps your business healthy.

There, that's the business side of your fitness empire, broken down into manageable reps and sets. Remember, while this might not be as thrilling as the training part, it’s just as critical to your success. Take it step by step, and you've got this! If you'd like more details with links to important sites that will help you through the above, download our free detailed guide!

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Fitness Class

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