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Fitness Team


We created Smart Studio to help fitness pros run their business more effectively.

Talking about work at a family gathering, Aditya mentioned the technology challenges he was having running a boutique fitness studio. Interested in smart technology, Brothers-In-Law Brince and Aditya discussed building a better platform that would truly help fitness owners run their business. After doing a little research, they realized that all existing platforms are complicated, clunky, expensive, and lacking in functionality. Brince and Aditya realized there was a gap in the industry and a problem that they could solve with their combined expertise.


Leveraging their love for technology and passion for helping small businesses thrive, they started designing a simple and effective platform that would automate management tasks while providing clear, actionable business insights based on real data.

Smart Studio enhances the business side of fitness, enabling owners and personal trainers to focus on the client experience!

smart Studio


Aditya Rao,

Aditya has a background in the business side of fitness. He joined a small boutique fitness studio, BLAST, in 2014 as the Chief Strategy Officer. He tried to use a leading Fitness Management Platform to better understand the business, including the metrics that drive customer retention and profitability. He was quickly disappointed by the capabilities of the tool -- it was cumbersome and didn't provide metrics to help him optimize the business. After reviewing many of the other products in the market, he found there was nothing available that truly met the needs of the small fitness business owner. Smart Studio is that tool that Aditya wished he had to effectively manage a boutique fitness studio!


Aditya has an MBA from Emory and a background in M&A consulting. Aditya loves hiking with his dog Ajax, riding his bike, volunteering for Emory and making tasty cocktails. 

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Photo of Smart Studio Co-Founder - Aditya Rao

Brince Neidlinger, COO

Brince brings 25 years of technology leadership in small, mid, and large organizations to Smart Studio.  He’s led large technical teams, partner integration teams and program management teams, but he loves the start up culture where everyone rolls up their sleeves and stands side by side to get the work done!  Brince has worked most recently in several Atlanta FinTech start ups where he broadened his eComm, Retail, and Payments expertise all of which are critical to Smart Studio’s success.  

Analytical, thoughtful and calm under pressure Smart Studio is the perfect place to bring his background in technical execution to a purpose driven solution in the health and wellness space.

Brince has an MBA from KSU. When he isn’t problem solving, you can catch Brince on the golf course or at an Atlanta Braves game with his 3 girls!

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Photo of Smart Studio Co-Founder - Brince Neidlinger
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