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Smart Business Solutions for the Passionate Fitness Pro.

We take the stress out of managing your personal fitness business so you can focus on your clients

Smart Studio offers you the tools you need to run your personal fitness business and free up time to do more fun stuff!

Manage all your clients in one easy-to-use portal

No More..

  • Juggling multiple tools to manage clients!

  • Missing client birthdays and milestones!

  • Losing clients who forget to schedule!

Automate payments and watch the money come in!

No More..

  • Forgetting monthly payments

  • Tedious client follow ups!

  • Multiple payment platforms to deal with!

Set your schedule and let clients book sessions with you

No More..

  • Tracking Appointments on paper

  • Struggling to keep your calendar current!

  • Back and forth with clients to schedule! 

Create your Package Options and Smart Studio does all the tracking

No More..

  • Manual tracking of sessions within packs!

  • Forgetting subscription renewal dates!

  • Reminding clients about expiring packs!

Now what?

It's as simple as 1.. 2.. 3..


Schedule a Demo to see how Smart Studio can help you


Our team helps you onboard 
on Smart Studio!


Focus on the fun part of your business and let Smart Studio take care of the rest!

Take the first step today!

Training with Fit Ball
Picture of a Smart Studio User

Smart Studio is saving me hours every week... The scheduling and the billing has been absolutely paramount in making everything efficient and how I am able to run my business... It has made the whole operation a lot more professional from my end and also from the client end.

Happy Smart Studio User

Before using Smart Studio I was actually keeping track of personal training sessions, all payments through Excel… Just a lot of unnecessary work that could have been avoided by using a platform like Smart Studio. [Smart Studio] has made my life so much easier. It gives me more time to focus on my business… I love it. It is super easy. 

What Fitness Pros have to say...

Sign up for our next Demo Day to learn more!

April 28, 2023 at 2pm ET

Take an hour out of your busy day to learn how you can save ten!

See how Smart Studio can take the stress out of managing the less fun part of your fitness business so you can focus on making your clients the healthiest versions of themselves!

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